I Like Me! is a pro-active, research-based personalized program for children, preschool through grade two, that helps instill a healthy self-concept, develops early learning and reading skills and helps build character. I Like Me! is highly acclaimed by parents, teachers, administrators and sponsors.

    The goal of Kindergartners Count, Inc., a U.S. 501(c)(3) international not-for-profit organization, is to empower children and help them to be healthy, successful young citizens.

    There are two levels of program materials: I Like Me! for use kindergarten through grade two (available in English, Canadian English and Spanish); I Like Me! Preschool for use by younger children (available in English).

    There are two components of I Like Me! -- the personalized I Like Me! child's book and the supplemental 12-week Teacher's/Leader's Guide. The greatest benefit to the child, based on research of the program, comes from the use of the 12-week I Like Me! program when it is used within a classroom setting. The Teacher's/Leader's Guide contains daily lesson plans, classroom exercises and parent/child activities.

    Each class that receives the I Like Me! books is encouraged to integrate the supplemental 12-week Teacher's/Leader's Guide into the existing curriculum. This guide is designed to allow the teacher/leader the flexibility to use all or part of the guide.

    Each of the 12 units in the Teacher's/Leader's Guide consists of:

  • Unit Topic
  • Word for the Week
  • Objectives
  • Unit Emphasis
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Supplemental Discussion Topics
  • Parent/Child Activities
    "Words for the Week"
    12 Units

    (Kindergarten through Grade 2)

    "Words for the Week"
    12 Units

    (Preschool Version)


    Sample Discussion Topics:
    Uniqueness, Individuality, World Cultures, Environment
    Conflict Resolution, Appropriate Expression of Feelings
    Humor, Cooperation, Belonging, Gangs, Sensitivity
    Growth, Development, Health, Pride, Nutrition
    Internal & External Strengths, Limits, Drugs, Choices
    Names, Goals, Accomplishments, Solutions
    Efforts, Learning, Persistence, Rewards
    Approval, Togetherness, Learning = Winning
    Leaving Home to Go to School, Bus Rules & Safety
    Proper Conduct, Listening, Manners, Consideration, Giving
    Alone does not equal Lonely, Solitude, Honesty, Practice
    Variety, Kindness, Change, Challenges, Inclusion
    Opportunity, Rules, Safety, Nurturing, Stereotypes
    Talents, Imagination, Creativity, Colors, Shapes
    Animals, Thoughtfulness, Organization, Cleanliness
    Power Thoughts, Habits, Destiny, Possibilities
    Dreams, Acceptance, Importance of Each Day

    It's easy for your students to participate in I Like Me! We encourage you to contact local civic groups, businesses and other organizations for sponsorship of I Like Me! Be sure to have potential sponsors visit our website: www.ilikeme.org Over a half million children in classroom settings have participated in I Like Me! at no cost to the child or the school thanks to the generous sponsorship by a local business (bank, insurance company, car dealer, etc.) or a local civic group (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimist, Jr. League, Telephone Pioneers, PTA, etc.) Even individuals can sponsor I Like Me! for a child's class. Each child's book reflects the name of the sponsor for that class.

    For more I Like Me! information, telephone (785) 224-5740. E-mail inquiries may be sent to: ilikemekci@live.com

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